2025 Porsche Macan lineup grows, new base and mid-range models priced for Australia

The electric Porsche Macan lineup has expanded before the first models even reach Australian customers. Porsche has opened orders for the new base Macan and mid-range Macan 4S, with customer arrivals commencing in the

What are Australia’s best-selling premium car brands so far in 2024?

BMW is still the leader among legacy luxury brands, growing its sales while rival brands are going backwards. Whether you consider Tesla a premium or luxury brand or not, we’ve included it here for

The end is near for these petrol Porsches, even as EV demand cools

Porsche is committing to killing off the petrol-powered Macan SUV and 718 sports cars (Cayman and Boxster) despite demand for electric vehicles (EVs) cooling in overseas markets. Earlier this week, overseas reports claimed Porsche

Porsche 911 GT2 RS wrecked in idiotic overtake attempt in Melbourne

A Melbourne driver could face hefty fines after a dimwitted attempt to overtake a truck in a circa-$650,000 Porsche 911 GT2 RS went awry. A video uploaded to the Dashcam Australia Facebook group shows