Fiat Panda grows up, gets electric and hybrid power

Posted on June 18, 2024Comments Off on Fiat Panda grows up, gets electric and hybrid power

Fiat has revealed a new model bearing the familiar Panda name and packing hybrid and electric powertrains.

The larger, more SUV-like Fiat Grande Panda won’t be replacing the regular petrol Panda hatch though, with the latter set to remain in production until at least 2026, or 15 years after it debuted.

The Grande Panda is part of a new family of vehicles for the Fiat brand, previewed in concept form last year, with the Italian carmaker planning to launch a new vehicle every year until 2027.

These will use Stellantis’ new Smart Car platform, also underpinning the electric Citroen e-C3.

Previous reports have indicated the Grande Panda will carry a base price of around €23,300 (A$37,823).

The Grande Panda is yet to be confirmed for Australia, though Fiat has promised it’ll be a “worldwide offer”, with launches in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa already confirmed. The Panda was last offered here in 2015.

The new Panda Grande pays tribute to the 1980s Panda with its body shape and the inclusion of large ‘PANDA’ lettering on the doors, while the car has a generally boxy design with black plastic cladding on the wheel arches and bumpers.

There’s prominent Fiat branding on the front and rear of the car, which rides on 17-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels with a 1980s flavour.

At the front and rear are pixelated X-shaped headlights and taillights, which Fiat says were inspired by the windows of the company’s old Lingotto factory in Turin.

Full specifications for the Grande Panda are yet to be released, though it will measure 3.99m in length. Fiat says that’s “below the 4.06m segment average”, and it’ll have the capacity to carry five people in “comfortable family living”.

The Grande Panda is expected to have similar specifications to the Citroen e-C3.

That means it’ll likely have an 83kW electric motor driving the front wheels, a 44kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery pack, and a WLTP range of around 320km.

The Citroen opens at €23,300 ($37,800) in France.

A cheaper €19,990 ($33,200) e-C3 variant is expected to launch next year with a smaller battery pack and a WLTP range of 200km.

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