GWM Ora gets further discounts, remains Australia’s cheapest EV

Posted on July 4, 2024Comments Off on GWM Ora gets further discounts, remains Australia’s cheapest EV

GWM Ora prices continue to fall, with the Extended Range and GT variants the latest to receive $2000 discounts from the drive-away price.

The base GWM Ora Standard Range was already Australia’s cheapest electric vehicle (EV), having received a nationwide drive-away price of $35,990 drive-away in April, originally intended to last until the end of Juneand now extended into July.

GWM had also cut the prices of the Ora Extended Range, Ultra and GT by introducing drive-away pricing which was $5000 lower than their respective list prices.

However, only the Ora Extended Range and latter receive the latest $2000 reduction, now priced from $38,990 drive-away and $44,990 drive-away, respectively – provided customers take delivery before July 31.

There are no new adjustments to the Ora Ultra’s price, which remains $43,990 drive-away.

The discounts are the latest in a run of offers that GWM has made to new car buyers this year in a bid to clear stock and boost sales.

The Chinese brand is currently competing with BYD and MG for the title of selling Australia’s cheapest EV, with the base BYD Dolphin priced at $36,890 before on-road costs while the base MG4 retailing for $40,990 drive-away.

MG is winning on the sales front – it sold 2771 examples of the MG4 throughout the first half of 2024, compared to 1248 Dolphins and 592 Oras.

The GWM Ora features a front-mounted electric motor with 126kW of power and 250Nm of torque.

It’s offered with either a 48kWh lithium iron phosphate or a 63kWh nickel manganese cobalt battery.

WLTP range is 310km in the Standard Range, 420km in the Extended Range and Ultra, and 400km in the GT.


Model Price
2024 GWM Ora Standard Range $35,990
2024 GWM Ora Extended Range $38,990
2024 GWM Ora Ultra $43,990
2024 GWM Ora GT $44,990

All prices are drive-away and apply until July 31.

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