Holden Commodore scrapyard special defected by police gives new meaning to SS

Posted on July 1, 2024Comments Off on Holden Commodore scrapyard special defected by police gives new meaning to SS

Victoria Police has shared images of a defect-riddled Holden Commodore that was being driven by an unlicensed driver who’s now facing a day in court.

VicPol’s Operation Defect has been fixated on removing dangerous and unsafe vehicles from the state’s roads, and Darebin Police struck gold when they found this VN Commodore being driven in public.

It’s a case of “the longer you look, the worse it gets”, as police posted its full list of defects for the wagon on Facebook.

“Upon inspection members identified the following defects among other things:

  • Aftermarket steering wheel held on by cable ties
  • No bonnet fitted
  • No rear brakes fitted 
  • Bald tyres 
  • Heavy rear damage
  • Protruding aftermarket rear wheel studs
  • No headlights fitted
  • No rear bumper fitted
  • Battery not secured
  • Seatbelts worn
  • No air intakes fitted

“As this circus continued, the driver was also found to be unlicensed with his vehicle immediately impounded and the opportunity to explain his clown like efforts to a Magistrate”

According to one Facebook commenter, the VN Commodore was “built” – or rather taken apart – to compete in burnout competitions, though it appears to retain its standard 125kW 3.8-litre V6.

Despite many car enthusiasts’ objections, fitting a Ford Falcon front bumper to a Holden Commodore is not a punishable crime.

Fortunately for the car’s owner, they weren’t found guilty of hooning on public roads, which in Victoria can result in vehicles being crushed by police.