If it’s flooded, forget it – even if you’re in a Rolls-Royce

Posted on July 2, 2024Comments Off on If it’s flooded, forget it – even if you’re in a Rolls-Royce

Footage from India has shown a Rolls-Royce Ghost sitting stranded on a flooded road, raising more than a few eyebrows online.

The video, shot by a passing driver and posted to Instagram, shows the $650,000 luxury sedan stationary with its hazard lights flashing in the middle of a submerged road in Dehli.

Other motorists are shown driving through the floodwaters – caused by a staggering 228.1mm of rainfall last Friday – without issue, while motorcycle riders push their bikes along the side of the road.

Given the heavily tinted windows of the Ghost, it’s hard to see if anyone is inside the vehicle, and it’s not known if it came to a stop due to water ingress or because its driver decided not to drive further.

While the Rolls-Royce Ghost is fitted with a heavily leather-centric interior, it also comes with its own bespoke umbrellas – a handy item given the predicament the owner of this example has found themself in.

Maybe the luxury carmaker needs to tap into its aeronautical connections to develop an inflatable raft option for future models…

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