Jeep’s cheapest EV yet will use a familiar name

Posted on June 18, 2024Comments Off on Jeep’s cheapest EV yet will use a familiar name

Jeep has confirmed a new Renegade is on the way as a new budget electric offering for the brand.

The announcement was made during Stellantis’ 2024 Investor Day, with Jeep promising an electric Renegade for North America by 2027 with a base price under US$25,000 (A$38,000).

The Renegade was axed in the US after the 2023 model year. It was withdrawn from the Australian market back in 2020.

The low price point suggests the new SUV could use Stellantis’ Smart Car platform, which underpins other more affordable electric vehicles (EVs) like the Citroen e-C3 and upcoming Fiat Grande Panda. This platform also supports combustion powertrains.

Jeep has yet to release any further details about the electric Renegade.

Last year, it launched the Avenger in Europe, which offers both electric and mild-hybrid powertrains. The electric model is confirmed for an Australian launch this year.

Measuring around 4m long, the Avenger opens at €39,400 (A$64,000) in Italy. However, it isn’t offered in the US market, while the new Renegade will be sold there.

The electric Renegade will be one of the six electric vehicles (EVs) Jeep plans to have on sale in North America by 2027.

It’ll join the Model Y-rivalling Wagoneer S and the off-road ready Recon, both of which are set to enter production in the US later this year.

These models are underpinned by the “BEV-native” STLA Large architecture, which supports petrol, hybrid and electric powertrains.

Jeep has previously confirmed both the Recon and Wagoneer S for Australia, with the latter expected here in 2026.

By 2027, the brand also plans to have a new Compass and a new “mainstream mid-size UV”, the latter expected to be a new generation of the defunct Cherokee.

With the new vehicles, Jeep is hoping to boost its market coverage from 45 per cent to 85 per cent in the US by 2027, while also increasing global sales from one million to 1.5 million. Two thirds of those new sales will be in the US.

Jeep will also look to expand its manufacturing footprint in the US from 760,000 vehicles annually to more than one million.

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