P-plater tries to evade police while driving with four unrestrained kids in car

A P-plater has been issued multiple infringement notices after being caught driving with four unrestrained children and a defective seatbelt, after attempting to avoid a police testing station. At 12:40pm on Tuesday, July 9,

SUV driver running on just three tyres busted for drink driving

A Melbourne woman was snapped driving her Mazda CX-9 on just three tyres in Melbourne’s northwest on Thursday, with police alleging she was intoxicated. Victoria Police reported several motorists contacted Triple 0 after the

NSW Police dangerous driving blitz sees 12 motorists charged, over 100 fined

A dozen New South Wales motorists have been charged and more than 100 infringement notices have been issued following a dangerous driving crackdown by police in Sydney’s south. From 4pm June 22 to 12am