Tesla does world’s worst train impression

Posted on July 2, 2024Comments Off on Tesla does world’s worst train impression

A sheepish motorist in the US has blamed Tesla’s so-called Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system after grinding to a halt on a set of train tracks.

The Tesla – which appears to be a Model Y – was spotted stranded on a railway line in California, which prompted the Woodland Police Department to make a public safety announcement on social media.

And before you scroll on to see if a train came along and hit the Tesla, we’re glad to report no such incident occured and nobody was hurt – though the driver is under investigation.

Time will tell whether the autonomous driving system was to blame. If we had to guess, the driver lost track of where they were going, or maybe they were just distracted by a train of thought.

“We want to remind everyone about the importance of staying vigilant while using Tesla’s Autopilot feature,” read a statement on the Woodland Police Department Facebook page.

“This morning, there was an incident where Autopilot mistook train tracks for a road, posing a serious danger.

“Key Points to Remember:

  • Stay Alert: Always keep your hands on the wheel and be prepared to take control.
  • Regular Monitoring: Frequently check your surroundings, even when Autopilot is engaged.
  • Safety First: Autopilot is an assistance feature, not a replacement for attentive driving.

“Your safety is our top priority! Drive safe and stay alert out there! For more detailed information, Tesla’s official website provides comprehensive guidelines and safety tips to ensure proper use of Autopilot features.

Motorists have blamed Tesla’s Autopilot system for all kinds of misdemeanours across the globe, varying in severity from minor traffic infringements to fatal accidents.

Just two weeks ago a Californian Tesla Model S driver who was using their phone while behind the wheel claimed they were using the car’s semi-autonomous driving technology when it ploughed into a police car attending a fatal crash.

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