The latest on Apple CarPlay from WWDC

Posted on June 11, 2024Comments Off on The latest on Apple CarPlay from WWDC

Tech giant Apple has given us a better look at its next-generation CarPlay system in a video aimed at carmakers, showing the different layouts and elements available.

While Apple didn’t kick off its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) event with more information on its new generation of CarPlay, in a ‘coding session’ video it showed how configurable the system can be.

It says it has a flexible layout system that can adapt to any carmaker’s hardware configuration, and customisable design that can give a vehicle’s screens a fresh new look.

There can be consistent backgrounds and colour theming across every display, as well as dynamic displays that can show both vehicle info and what Apple calls “fan favourite” CarPlay content.

“This system allows you to create a deeply customised experience for your vehicles and a delightful co-branded experience for those people who love both our products,” says human interface designer Ben Crick in the video aimed at carmakers.

“It goes far beyond what you can do with CarPlay today.”

First revealed at the WWDC event in 2022, the next-generation CarPlay is set to debut this year on Aston Martin and Porsche models.

It still requires an iPhone to setup and share app-related data, but will have access to a number of vehicle-related features like the radio and climate control, among others.

It will also extend across other screens, like the digital instrument cluster and increasingly common passenger displays.

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